Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Filek Family Fotos

I found these photos on The woman who posted them apparently is married to a cousin of your Dad (not a first cousin).  His last name is Heartt; I didn’t ask what his first name is.  She says he has fond memories of his uncle Elmer.  (I will continue to be in contact with her looking for more info.)

The chart shows where these folks fit in.  I tried to size the image so that the names are readable even though it extends over the right panel of the blog page


John Filek - Your GreatGrandfather

                      Annie Korbel Filek - Your GreatGrandmother

  Ella Sylvia Filek Moravec - Your Great Aunt

                                     Edwin J Filek - Your Great Uncle


(Not shown on chart)
Ella Ann (Dolly) Moravec Heartt - Your Second Cousin
Daughter of Ella Sylvia Filek Moravec

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